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“Some persons relax in sleep and thus give the body an opportunity to recoup its depleted energy. But if the eager pace is kept up night and day, the end is nervous prostration. The remedy is relaxation of will, the letting go of personal objectives.” - Charles Fillmore

Co-founder of Unity, Charles Fillmore, taught about the value of renewal as an aspect of our spirit

ual power of Release. Akin to the principle of repentance, renewal is our capacity to relieve ourselves of accumulated thought and behavior that clutters and tires us. In Fillmore’s message, above, he links our power of Release with Will, our capacity of choice, commitment, and willingness. Interestingly, the “choice” aspect must be released and yet Will continues to serve by our “willingness” to renew.

One day this week I indulged in an overdue renewal. I unplugged. Unplugging was easy. I merely changed the settings on my devices to hide my office emails. I did the same with social media. It took all of a few seconds on my part to relieve myself of the continuous rings, dings, and things grabbing my attention on the cell phone and iPad.

Oh, the goodness of quiet! The restoring power of silence!

When the day was done and I clicked back “on,” I found that everything that needed to wait for me indeed waited, and everything already in motion continued, and I could step back in refreshed.

Was I unplugged that one day? I was, literally, unplugged in relationship to technology. Spiritually, however, I was plugging in, recharging in the Source. No “nervous prostration” for me.

With a fresh sense of the powers of Release and Will, Mondays (my weekend) are going to be techno unplugged, spiritually charged. I’ll reply to your email — on Tuesday.

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