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Individual Personal Support


Call it coaching, prayer work, spiritual direction, or counseling, Linda’s individual spiritual support may be the kindest gift you give yourself. Linda’s talent for listening and clarifying, along with her audacious cheerleading for your Divine Identity, uplifts and supports you. You won’t find a safer harbor for your self-inquiry or choice-making than Linda’s heart and mind. Contact Linda.


"At a point in my life and ministry where I was sensing something new and different trying to emerge, but having difficulty sorting it out, I enlisted Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett as a spiritual coach.  In the most positive way she provided support, questions and practices that helped me walk through the struggle to a place of joyful action and openness to possibilities.  I was able to let go of that which was completed before knowing what would be next.  Then, multiple new ideas and possibilities began to show up in my awareness, and I enthusiastically await and remain open to the good things ahead.” — Rev. Ron Fritts LLPP, Quincy IL

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