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The Fire of Audacity

Jesus said, "Whoever is near me is near the fire, and whoever is far from me is far from the (Father's) kingdom.” This passage from The Gospel of Thomas (Patterson and Mayer translation) places our spiritual power of zeal in the heart of our divine identity, or Christ nature. When relying upon our divine identity, we naturally express enthusiasm, audacity, and devotion — the hallmarks of spiritual zeal.

The greatest action of zeal is passion — as revealed in these lines from John O’Donahue’s poetry:

As fire cleanses dross

May the flame of passion

Burn away what is false.

May the fire, which is the light, which is enlightenment, blaze within you. May you fan the flame of enthusiasm by conscious appreciation. May your fire blaze in the life around you, as others catch your zeal.

In the field of audacity, our electricity is noticeable. We dazzle and shimmer, sparkle and shine — literally, our positive spiritual forwardness is contagious! We light up a dark room. We inspire others. We bless the world.

Light up the world, Beloved!

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