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Awakened Imagination

​Twentieth Century metaphysician Neville Goddard taught that “imagination” is the redeeming power within us. He equated “imagination” with Christ consciousness, the awareness of our divine identity that lifts us from a limited, only-human sense of self.

Imagination is one of our spiritual powers or capacities. By the power of imagination, we are able to picture in our minds an ideal that, when held in mind, leads us to experience the ideal and live accordingly. Imagination is our highly creative power to envision and embody our most preferred reality.

The forward looking power of imagination makes sense to us because we utilize it all the time. We think ahead to the meeting or event we are planning, imagining all the details needed and desired. We place ourselves, in our imagination, on the beach well in advance of our body’s arrival there for vacation. Imagination works after the fact, as well, according to Neville. He insists we are able to revise our past!

“We don’t discard the thing that is unpleasant [that experience we had moments, or years, ago], we revise it; revising it we repeal it; and as we repeal it, it projects itself on the screen of space bearing witness to the power within us, which is our wonderful human imagination.”

Neville advises we replace an unwanted memory or belief with a wanted one, telling ourselves the revised story until we feel the helpful effects in our bodies and being. For example, a person who has had a falling out with a family member, replaying a painful exchange, can imagine a conversation that would have been preferred — replacing disharmony with harmony. Replaying the revised story replaces the unwanted with wanted thought, feeling, and future possibility. By removing the negative and replacing it with the positive possibility, we can imagine ourselves into the very conditions we prefer.

Try Neville’s approach. Awaken and activate your amazing capacity of conception, vision, and embodiment. Imagine the possibilities!

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