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Unity minister Linda Martella-Whitsett provides contemporary guide for understanding prayer and inner power. She encourages seekers to uncover and draw from the limitless well of wisdom and power that is the spiritual-human identity. Order her books and chapter-by-chapter study materials here. 

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Available for keynote addresses, Sunday Service messages and meditations, retreats, classes and workshops, enrichment training for prayer workers, and never-before considered divine ideas.

Contact Linda to arrange an event.  

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Call it coaching, prayer work, spiritual direction or counseling, Linda’s individual spiritual support may be the kindest gift you give yourself. You won’t find a safer harbor for your self-inquiry or choice-making than Linda’s heart and mind. Contact Linda

"Divine Audacity is a warm, accessible, down to earth approach to - dare we say it again - being the Light of the World! Through prose, story, and practices, Linda's approach benefits the beginner and life-long 'spiritual seeker' to realize their innate Divine Identity." 

- Rev. Paul Hasselbeck, Author of Heart-Centered Metaphysics, A Deeper Look at Unity Teachings

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